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Health and hygiene protocols

In case you test positive for Covid-19 during your stay and have to quarantine in Gran Canaria for more days than previously contracted, or in case you do not have private insurance to cover the extra accommodation costs, the Autonomous Government of the Canary Islands offers to all tourists in this situation an insurance to cover the accommodation costs for those extra days.

Ask our reservations department for more information about the terms and conditions of this insurance.

In order to safely face COVID-19, Palm Oasis Maspalomas applies additional health and safety measures in accordance with the measures established by the competent authorities at all times. In addition, to guarantee our clients and staff safety, some of our services and facilities may be limited or unavailable, always in accordance with the health measures established by the competent authorities at all times. It is our intention that the swimming pools will function normally, but we will comply with the health measures established by the competent authorities at all times.

Our food and drink services may be limited due to COVID-19.

Our facilities include an infirmary, where our staff have different kinds of COVID-19 tests performed by qualified health professionals. To get a test, you must make an appointment in advance. Guests can check the prices of the different kinds of tests available in reception.

Palm Oasis

Protocols in our facilities

  • All facilities are disinfected daily
  • You will find certified hand sanitiser dispensers throughout our establishments; their use is compulsory
  • Protective screens in customer service areas
  • The lifts can only be used by one person at a time or at most by 2 people who share the same room
  • Room keys will be disinfected before handing them over
  • Rugs have been removed from all rooms
  • Towels and bed linen are washed at high temperature
  • TV remote control and telephone are sterilised daily in all rooms
  • Open or foot-operated waste bins lined with a bag
  • Vent filters are cleaned regularly
Palm Oasis

Protocols for our employees

  • All personnel using the common areas will wear masks.
  • All personnel accessing the rooms will wear masks and gloves (floor maids and service personnel).
  • All members of staff know the new health and safety measures
  • The staff will have their temperature taken daily
  • Staff uniforms are washed and disinfected daily
  • Co-workers must stay at least 1.5 metres apart
  • Daily control of the state of health of all employees
  • Reception staff will disinfect the counter every time they finish attending a client
Palm Oasis

Protocols for guests

  • They will find hand sanitiser in the common areas
  • Insofar as possible, payments should be done by credit card
  • POS systems will be disinfected regularly
Palm Oasis

Protocols for Pools / Beaches

  • Hammocks must be 1.5 metres apart
  • Designate a staff member to manage the hammocks
Palm Oasis

Catering protocols

  • We will use non-reusable napkins
  • The hotel will offer take-away meals
  • The number of people will be controlled to avoid overcrowding
  • Menus will be removed from dining area
  • Both the Pool Bar and the Restaurant are located on outdoor terraces.