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¿Conoces las villas de Palm Oasis Maspalomas?

By | 3 October, 2014 | 0 comments


We don’t know if it has come to anyone’s mind already but Palm Oasis Maspalomas is a small representation of what we have on the island of Gran Canaria. Plenty of water, a lot of greenery and more than anything, good people. All of this makes what we are today, the ideal place for you to spend your holiday.

Little by little, we will provide you with details and interesting facts regarding our hotel so that you know where you are going if you have never been here or learn more about the place if you have already been our guest.

Although we have already said that our pools and gardens are the main assets of Palm Oasis Maspalomas, we also boast of other delights that make us unique: our villas. They are all different, personal and their placement is simply unbeatable. These villas surround the hotel and give directly onto the ocean; they are the perfect space for you.

All of them bear names of municipalities or important areas of the island. Get ready to see their names! Do they ring a bell?

Agaete, Artenara, Ayacata, Berrazales, Buen Lugar, Caideros, Cardones, Doramas, Dragonal, Fataga, Maspalomas, Firgas, Gáldar, Guayadeque, Güi Güi, Jacomar, Juncalillo, Miraflor, Telde , Tejeda, Teror, Utiaca.

We have already dealt with some of these names and the rest is yet to come. Therefore, if you wish to learn more about Palm Oasis Maspalomas, keep reading our blog!


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