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Conoce Gran Canaria

By | 26 August, 2014 | 0 comments


The Roque Prieto natural pool

Gran Canaria stands out for its variety of climates and geography. Apart from the sand dunes and mountains there are uncountable jewels of nature such as the natural pools in the northern part of the island.

Most of these natural pools can be found on the north coast of Gran Canaria; it is an excellent opportunity to enjoy sea waters in a peaceful environment safe from the waves.

One of the best pools is found at the Roque Prieto beach in the township of Guía. From about 40 cm to 3 m deep this pool presents a rocky bed and crystal-clear waters which are continuously renewed by the ocean and simply perfect for a safe dip.

How to get there…. Easy peasy: take the branch towards La Atalaya from the motorway GC-2. Once there, go towards the church and the main square and from there to the football pitch. Then take the road GC- 294 which will lead you directly to the parking area next to the pool.

Roque Prieto

The Necropolis of Arteara

If you are a nature lover, we suggest not only walking down the ravines but also discovering a part of the aboriginal culture of our land there.

The necropolis of Arteara is an archaeological site of the southern area of Gran Canaria. It occupies a surface area of 2 km long and 1 wide which is covered with malpais or karst (recent volcanic flow), that forms more than a thousand tubular structures. The stone comes from the landslide of a mountain nearby, easy to recognise when visiting the place.

The necropolis is situated next to the village of Arteara, in the Fataga ravine, in the township of San Bartolomé de Tirajana. The contrast between the volcanic stone and the greenness of the palm grove at the edge of the ravine is stunning. Opposite the necropolis, there is an impressive mountain range, by the ravine of Amurga.

It is actually on this mountain range that a singular archeoastronomical phenomenon can be appreciated: At the time of spring and autumn equinoxes (change of season) the sun rises precisely where there is a small depression in this mountain range of Amurga, and lightens the most prominent tomb of the necropolis, known as the King’s Grave.

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